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- Patients of high efficiency HDF followed from 1998 to 2001 had a significant 35% lower mortality risk than those receiving low-flux HD (RR 0.65, p 0.01) in the European DOPPS study (Canaud, KI, 2006).

- Improved intra- and inter-dialysis symptoms, physical well-being, menstruation and skin pigmentation when frequency of HDF is increased to three times per week. Conclusion: On-line HDF offers better cardiovascular stability and clinical improvement. (PMID: 11417951, PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE).

- High-flux membranes employed in convective and mixed diffusion / convection therapies achieve the maximal removal of small and middle molecular toxic solutes and, at least in the case of b2-m, establish lower long-term concentrations (Evidence II, EBPG).